Tiil, using science & ethics to parent our children. Turns scientific healthy development research into Children and young adult Media.

Help Youth become Successful Adults with Tiil

The Science

British birth cohorts, for the last 70 years, scientists in Britain have been following thousands of children through their lives as part of an incredible scientific study. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere else in the world. Collecting information on thousands of children is a really powerful thing to do, because it means we can compare the ones who say, do well at school or end up healthy or happy or wealthy as adults, and the ones who struggle much more, and then we can sift through all the information we’ve collected and try to work out why their lives turned out different.


You shall love your neighbor as you love yourself. This must obviously include your neighbor generation. It has to include absolutely everyone who will live on the Earth after us. It’s permissible to have faith, and it must be permissible to hope for a salvation for this world. One day we will be judged by our own descendants.

What we believe

Did you know that according to science our children have an 20% chance of being SUCCESSFUL. We need change now! With a broken compass we look back at more successful methods of parenting and forward at more innovative methods. The most important tool we can give our children to combat today’s biggest issues is to teach our children to be successful leaders. According to the longest study on human development of 70,000 children across five generations we need to focus on two areas. Since, these are some of the best-studied people on the planet, and the data has become incredibly valuable for scientists, generating well over 6,000 academic papers and books these two areas are well documented. One finding — perhaps is the most important discovery to come from this remarkable study and is the core of our foundation. It’s about how to use science & ethics to do the best for our children.

The study finding are that disadvantaged children (children who are poor or have two working parents) are more likely to struggle in almost every area and the second findings is that parents really matter. In this study, children who had engaged, interested parents, ones who had ambition for their future, were more likely to escape the pitfalls of life. The two core area define our child’s future; 50% Parenting and 50% Economics. Our mission is to use ethics & science to help parents, parent SUCCESSFULLY : Significance-Purpose-Coherence; we believe life is more meaningful when we are prepared, when we feel it has a point and when it makes sense. Make sure your child has the life-skills to be prepared to be the leader of tomorrow.

About Us

The media content they consume and create has a profound impact on their social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.  Learning how to use media and technology wisely is an essential skill for life and learning in the 21st century. Our wide range of skill-building resources can help you become exceptionally effective and highly successful – not to mention happier – as you overcome problems and develop a more fulfilling life. We create parents, students and organizations and companies to build the skills, strategies, and solutions.

Through magazine articles, videos, and podcasts, we bridge the gap between scientific journals and today’s youth, particularly for parents

Tiil has been at the fore of a new scientific movement to explore the roots of today’s social, behavior and emotional crisis for youth—our solutions is to impact MEDIA.  Media can be used to prepare children for a lifetime of leadership— or media can teach children negative traits.

Tiil is unique in its commitment to both science and practice: Not only do we turn groundbreaking scientific research into social, behavior and emotional well‐being media: Our agenda to take on Media ideas focus on addressing the top problems.

  • Self-Discovery 
  • Building Character
  • Values
  • Purpose
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Social Skills
  • Emotional Wellness

Who We Are

We serve children, adolescents and parents who believe in the power to change the world.

Our Mission

Tiil helps children and adolescents with social, mental and emotional well-being, who will make the world a better place.

Our initiative.

We committed to helping children become successful adults and becoming part of the solution by creating media to reach their peers.

-Emotional Well-Being.

Emotional Well-being Helping children build the resilience they need to cope during tough times.

-Health & Wellness.

Helping children establish an early foundation for the healthy habit.

Respect & Understanding Fostering morals, respect, and understanding among the world children.


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