Hello, we’re the Timothy Isaiah Institute for Learning (TiiL). 

Tiil delivers the latest analytics and advice to help parents and organizations discover a path to a more meaningful life and solve their most pressing problems like anger management, self-esteem, forgiveness, grief, decision-making ect. Getting you the facts, ideas, ways to respond, prevention, potential Interventions, and solutions to prepare for tomorrow. Tiil knows more about the attitudes and behaviors of young learners than any other organization in the world. We start with discovering your natural gifts and talent + personality + Uniqueness +your passions = Purpose that allows you to thrive.

Tiil is a hub to help young learners find a more meaningful life through discovering purpose, building character, and teaching life skills. We partner with parents, students, organizations, and companies to build skills, strategies, and solutions.

We help you and your child discover a more meaningful life and get you the facts, ideas, ways to respond, prevention, potential Interventions and solutions to prepare both of you for today and tomorrow.

PARENTS COME TO LEARN- how to prepare the child for the future and give their child a more meaningful life through character training,  purpose, and discovering the natural abilities of their children. Why was I born; How To Discover Your Child’s  Purpose is a comprehensive course designed to provide mothers and fathers with the essential information they need to create an enriched home environment for their children.

Tiil is an independent think tank exploring why some people live a more meaning life than others?  We’re here to help you learn the essential skills that you need to build a better YFCA. Spelled out, that means:

-Build a Better You
-Build a Better Family
-Build a Better Community
-Build a better America

Our wide range of skill-building resources can help you become exceptionally effective and highly successful – not to mention happier – as you overcome problems and develop a more fulfilling life.

What are we?

We are a Private Institute focused on developing community solutions into curriculum-based solutions.

What we Know!

What we know is that our method has a 68% success rate while traditional methods have a 33% success rate.

What We Believe
To have a meaningful, you must have: Significance-Purpose-Coherence; life is more meaningful when we feel it has a point and when it makes sense. We believe this is the solution and PREVENTION FOR MAJOR ISSUES FACING CHILDREN; Suicide, Violence, Cyberbullying (Online Bullying), Internet & Online Addiction, Eating Disorders & Anorexia, Teen Hookups, Substance Abuse, Video Games, Teen’s Watching Porn, Teen’s Watching TV Violence, Teenagers Exposed to Violence at Home, and Violent Culture. Get the solution with a proven 68% success rate!

Helping your child discover a more meaningful life gets your child Facts, Ideas, Ways to Respond, Prevention, and Potential Interventions regarding issues that your child might face.

Our Mission

-Become your favorite place to find solutions, training, and personal excellence skills.

-To help young people develop the ability to make informed decisions as members of a culturally diverse society in an independent world, giving them the ability to create a better tomorrow.

-Help learners by extracting vital Biblical principles, scientific research, and historical data to make them relevant through solutions to today’s toughest issues, so the future generation can enjoy a successful life and contribute positively to the world.

-Inform organizations about the causes and effects of living a more meaningful life to help them make decisions that will improve quality of life for people.

Our Vision
To use Design-Solutions methodology as a tool to help give young people a more meaningful life.

What is Design Solution?
According to T.S. Cherry, Design-Solutions is a framework for identifying problems, extracting Biblical principles, and developing programs that provide solutions to today’s toughest problems, thus creating an environment in which learners can collaborate on ideas, discuss solutions, and create a noticeable impact.

Who We Help
TiiL is both a brick-and-mortar and on-demand research and learning solution institute for anyone who wants to better their lives. Our students range from parents to organizations. All of these and more are welcome to use our resources to increase productivity, develop effective parenting skills, improve management and leadership skills, and support family and organizational development initiatives. (We are currently working on making our classes available online)


We partner with parents, students, organizations, and companies to build the skills, strategies, and solutions.

Our Focus

We place particular focus on helping children discovering their purpose.  To learn more about the “Why was I born” research project more.

  • Consultation
  • Yearly assessments
  • Gift and talent assessments


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