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Hello, we’re the Timothy Isaiah Institute for Learning (TiiL)

Tiil teaches youth to become leaders

Tiil makes scientific and Biblical research more understandable by turning them into stories, tips, and tools.  Our goal is to make this information easier for children to interpret so they can have more meaningful, successful lives. Through books, drama, articles, videos, quizzes, podcast, and a magazine, we bridge the gap between truth and science so parents, educators, and leaders have a better chance at passing on this knowledge to a new generation.

Tiil is at the fore of an innovative scientific and spiritual movement to explore morals, values, ethics, the roots of happy and compassionate individuals, strong social bonds, purpose, and altruistic behavior—the science and truth of a meaningful life. 

Tiil is committed to making scientific and biblical knowledge relevant.

Tiil believes the social and emotional well‐being of children are vital. We assist leaders in applying the research and biblical principles to today’s world so they can help children become successful adults.


What We Believe

The secret to helping youth become successful adults is to give them the answers to help them navigate today’s toughest issues.

Christ said he came that you might have an “Abundant life” referring to life’s Significance-Purpose-Coherence

In other words, life is more meaningful when we feel it has a point and when it makes sense. Tiil, can help children become better adults by teaching them abundant Life life-skills. To Learn more about our Abundant Life Life-skills see our program page.


Our Mission

  1. Make scientific studies, research, breakthroughs and biblical knowledge relevant to the everyday person and organization.
  2. To help young people develop the ability to make informed decisions as members of a culturally diverse society in an independent world, giving them the ability to create a better tomorrow.
  3. Help parents and organizations improve the social and emotional well‐being of children, who are our future leaders
  4. Solve problems using scientific and biblical research to help children navigate their way through today’s toughest problems
  5. To make morals, ethics, and values an integral part of raising every child

Our Vision

To use Design-Solutions methodology as a tool to help give young people a more meaningful life.


What is Design Solution?

According to T.S. Cherry, Design-Solutions is a framework for identifying problems, extracting Biblical principles, scientific studies and developing programs that provide solutions to today’s toughest problems, thus creating an environment in which learners can collaborate on ideas, discuss solutions, and create a noticeable impact.


Who We Help

TiiL is both a brick-and-mortar and on-demand research and learning solution institute for anyone who wants to better their lives. Our students range from parents to organizations. All of these and more are welcome to use our resources to increase productivity, develop effective parenting skills, improve management and leadership skills, and support family and organizational development initiatives. (We are currently working on making our classes available online)




We partner with parents, students, organizations, and companies to build the skills, strategies, and solutions.


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