LET US MAKE MAN an exposé on the Seven Heavens is sequel to T.S Cherry’s startling life-changer, You are The Tree! It describes the man who is the tree of life and his journey from the FIRST HEAVEN to the SEVENTH HEAVEN.

The author explains with clarity, the journey from Abraham, the father of faith who represents the first heaven, to Christ, the Mediator of mankind Who represents the seventh heaven. With the exposition on the seven heavens, she brings to light God’s plan of salvation.

This book fully explores the process laid out by God for the healing of the nations, and shows the SEVEN BASIC STEPS that represent the pattern for the healing of your life, marriage, business, family, community, and ultimately the world. The goal is to have every area of your life become the tree of life, which is the Man, the Mediator between God and man.

You don’t want to miss out on this HEALING PACKAGE. Read this Book! Receive the full restoration of your life and destiny.

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