Child’s Routine

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How to adjust your Child’s Routine to improve their Lives

Everyone wants to be the perfect parent. Well, despite bringing them up with love, there are a few other things you can add to their routine to give them the perfect upbringing that will not only stabilize them emotionally and physically, but will also help them impart future generations.

These particular routines have years of scientific research behind them.

1.Have meals together

Nothing beats the bond that comes with sharing a meal. Eating together is an involving activity and will make the kids feel important. Wait for each other when one of the members is running late. Ensure you have a particular time you have your meals that favors everyone.

2.Spend time doing each other’s hobbies

Have weekly routines where you spend time with your children doing their hobbies, or yours. This will engage them physically, if the hobby is a sport, and will generally get them involved in further knowing each member of the family.

3.Read your children stories

Opening up your child’s brain to a world of imagination is very vital and this is highly accomplished by reading them bedtime stories- especially fairy tale stories. This will help them think beyond what they see in their environment and further open up their creativity.

4.Have a happy day with your entire family

Set aside a day within the week where you do happy activities with your children and the entire family as a whole. During these routine happy days; go out, enjoy the environment and express affection a bit more. This will make the children look forward to these days with anticipation.

5.Have a limited entertainment time

With this age and time of technology, free tech time is very vital. Set aside time when your child could use their phone and watch television. Just ensure it is the scheduled time.

6.Have a routine free time scheduled

Set aside an hour or so within a day with no specific activity planned. Open up the kid to doing their own creative stuff that suits them.

7.Visit relatives

Set aside designated and frequent times when grandparents and other folks can be visited.

8.Random acts of kindness

Teach your kids to frequently do random acts of kindness to complete strangers. It might start as a routine but will end up as a habit.

9.Have curfews

Whenever your children are out alone, ensure they know at what time they need to be back home and that failure will have repercussions.

10.Constant morning routines

Work days and weekends should both have routine mornings where activities are done sequentially; like freshening up then breakfast. Just a few routine tips for families with children to help their growth and development.

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