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The Natural Path Guidance

The test is a natural path guidance test that measures areas that might come naturally to your child and answer the question for parents so that children can grow up knowing their inherent strengths and how that relates to the modern world.

Natual Path Guidance Test is a test developed by the Timothy Isaiah Institute for Learning to evaluate through play, parents assessments of previous activities, experiences and training evaluations. There is a growing recognition that children can be intelligent in a variety of ways. Once we recognize that children have many different abilities, then we can think about tailoring activities and developing those skills, talents.

( We are currently working on making this test available online)


Associates translate complicated problems into clear, solutions. Our solutions are creative, adaptable and designed to ensure your child excels at becoming a successful adult.

We offer a transformative learning experience for children that is rooted in both research and experience.
You don’t want to waste your time seeing counselor after counselor or worse not getting your child the training they need. We have the ability to teach future leaders, managers, and coaches how to succeed.

Join us for a life-changing learning opportunity that will prepare you for a more meaningful life.

Empowering Program

Empowering the world program and for a group of young people that want to get together to plan initiatives, collaborate with local organizations, engage their communities, and become part of a growing network of youth around the country.

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