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Published Date: November 23, 2017

Children learn to take responiblity for what they have done

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Making Bad Decisions
Whenever I speak to a group of young people, I ask how many of them have ever done anything stupid. With complete unanimity and considerable enthusiasm, they all raise their hands. When I then ask whether they will ever do anything stupid in the future, the response is equally fervent. I also ask children why they do stupid things. This book is about Katie Rites learning to take responsibility for what she has done.

About the Book

Katie Rite’s chest is tight. It’s suddenly hard to breathe. The church is oppressive. It’s draining her. It’s ruining her. “I have to get out of here,” she gasps. “I have to get out of here!”

She bolts from the church, relieved to smell the fresh air and feel the sun on her face. But something still isn’t right. Why did she hear the church doors close a second time behind her? She turns and looks over her shoulder, but there is no one there. Still, she can feel someone watching her; following her.

The death of Katie’s mother, Isabella, has changed everything. She needs answers and she believes that Miss Green holds the key to those answers.

Katie doesn’t care about the rumors that Miss Green is a witch. She only cares that Miss Green has been acting strangely and the woman has known her mother for years.

What Katie doesn’t know is that there is often a bit of truth to every rumor. Now Katie will find herself caught-up in a world of mythical mystery she never dreamed existed.


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