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Published Date: July 3, 2018

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“Routines are like instructions—they guide children’s actions toward a specific goal. Routines can be used for many reasons, but two of the most important are ensuring children’s health and safety, and helping children learn positive, responsible behavior. ”

This Life PLanner is dedicated to helping you design your daily ROUTINE; is a calendar, journal, and scrapbook, daily planner and so much more all in one. Children can create their routine daily schedules, it features journal pages to encourage writing and illustrating stories and children can tell their story much like a scrapbook

” What Makes Your Life Important”  planner is the Best Life Planner for Daily & Weekly Agenda to Achieve Your Goals & Live Happier – Daily Routine Guide, Track Daily Habits, Daily Affirmations, Words of wisdom, Gratitude & Action Journal, Mindmap, Scrapbook, School Assignments page, & Vision Board and more.

  • POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY FOR PRODUCTIVITY & HAPPINESS: Affirmations, goals, and gratitude for a more inspired and happier life every day. Mindmap and vision board sections align & fully engage both sides of the mind. Side effects: jaw-dropping motivation, focus & results
  • MINDMAPPING: Many distracted, impulsive kids suffer from low working memory capacity adding memory games and mind-mapping can increase performance.
  • EMOTIONAL WELLNESS: Helping your child Journal/ Discussing your journal with your child can help your child express and manage their emotions.
  • SCHEDULING DOWNTIME: our brains are designed to seek a kind of balance between drudgery and seeking out easy rewards. Scheduling downtime teaches our children balance.
  • SCHEDULING MEALS TOGETHER: regular participation in predictable family routines reflects the greater family organization and can provide a sense of security and belonging. It also may positively impact children’s before school entry and contribute to their future school and life success.
  • BE ORGANIZED, ACTION PLAN &  GOALS: organize those hectic days and keep priorities at top of mind, holding you accountable for overcoming procrastination & finally reaching those goals. Calendar for the freedom to achieve and breath with no wasted pages; perfect for all with a passion to be balanced & turn dreams into reality


  • Routine teach self-control & discipline Routines to increase academic progress
  • Children without Routines are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, and aggressive behavior problems
  • Children without routines are at higher risk for poor health outcomes, like obesity and drug dependency


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