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Students struggling academically should try Cogmed

The amount of children diagnosed with ADHD has risen dramatically since the days when it was originally called ADD. Some people blame it on doctors who want to “over-diagnose” a condition that isn’t real so they can get “kickback” from pharmaceutical companies for prescribing ADHD medications. However, there are many who know this is a serious issue that needs combating. There is a new software program called Cogmed designed for this very purpose. Although at first appearance it seems to be a video game, Cogmed promises to reduce ADHD symptoms and improve memory. Here are some details you need to know about it.

Cogmed consists of 25 training sessions. They are done online, and each one is 30 to 45 minutes long. Each one consists of tasks that target different aspects of working memory. The standard program is five weeks long with five sessions per week like by a Cogmed Qualified Coach.

Not all Cogmed programs are the same. It has been split into three different age-specific programs. There is one for pre-school children, one for school-age children, and one for adults. They all have the same underlying design and algorithms; only the interfaces are different.

The program is designed to challenge the trainee’s working memory capacity. Cogmed is unique in that the difficulty level can be adjusted in real time by the software based on the test taker’s performance. This means a program that truly does cater to the needs of every individual that takes it. When they tell you that you can go at your own pace, they really mean it. (Do you have memories of a teacher in school saying everyone learns at their own pace, but then getting mad at any students who seemed to learn slower than the rest? That will NOT be your experience with Cogmed.)

Aside from the adjustable difficulty level, the trainee is also given a Cogmed-certified coach who makes sure the user has everything set up properly. They guide the user through the entire process to guarantee the timing is right. Otherwise the results will not be an accurate reflection of the tester’s abilities, and they would have to start the process all over again. However, this should not be necessary for most, as 90% of Cogmed trainees complete their training.

Cogmed is different from other programs in that this is fundamental cognitive training. The developers of Cogmed believe in the concept of neuroplasticity, which is the idea that the brain can reorganize itself and change the way it functions. There are many other programs out there that focus on developing skills like reading, math, and time management. However, working memory underlies all these other abilities. Once you have improved in that more fundamental area, then you will find it is much easier to develop skills in all the other areas.

Although it is different from other products, Cogmed is transparent about it not being a one-size-fits-all solution. However, they are more specific about the benefits you will gain than other companies who make wide, general claims.

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